Trees & Hedges

We cover a complete range of residential and commercial tree pruning, surgery, stump grinding and hedge cutting services.

Parts of your trees can be removed whether they are diseased, dying or dead, potentially dangerous, or simply healthy branches that are removed for cosmetic reasons. We do this in a safe and professional way with a good understanding of tree biology.

Pruning early in a tree’s life can help avoid biomechanical features that will become dangerous later in the life of the tree.

Tree Surgery

Our professional tree surgery service includes tree pruning, reductions, tree shaping, crown lifting, crown reduction, thinning, removal and topping.

Stump Grinding

We can remove unwanted stumps to below ground level enabling the area to be used without problems or unsightly stumps.

Hedge Cutting

Hedge cutting, hedge shaping and hedge removal. We can trim, cut, reshape or remove your hedges and dispose of all the cuttings.