Lawn & Turf

All lawns need mowing frequently, it's the most important task in maintaining a healthly cared for lawn. Getting the grass cutting height and mowing frequency right can make a difference to the ongoing health of the lawn.

We can cut a small 100 square metre lawn through to estates with several acres of lawn. We also strim areas that cannot be mowed, trim lawn edges and clear any cutting of paths and driveways.

Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care

Mowing is carried out mainly between March and October. During spring and autumn months we recommend once a week, during summer months this can increase to twice weekly depending on the weather.

Lawn mowing is one of the most popular services that we offer throughout Northamptonshire and surrounding areas.


Have you moved into a new house with no lawn or your old lawn is beyond repair? whatever the reason sometimes the only option is to have it re-turfed. We specialise in re-turfing and offer a full service from preparation and laying the turf all the way through to after care.
All of our turf is excellent quality and grown to the best standards. The turf will be cut and delivered from the field and laid in your garden. We can also use pre-turf fertilizer to aid root growth in the initial period the turf is laid to give your lawn the best possible start.

The first few weeks is crucial in obtaining a beautiful green lawn, so we might return to your property and assess the lawn to check that it is establishing well. We can continue to look after your garden or will happily advise how you can treat your lawn to look after it.